Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Taking Back Sunday: Live At Bamboozle '09

me: last night i didn't go to sleep productively
me: because i forgot about adam's amusement over rubano saying seaboard
me: so i laid there and rewound it and snickered for a good twenty minutes
me: i think i have an illness, frankly.
lanie: lmao I think you do too
me: i wonder if they have AA for this?
me: i need a support group, and possibly bi-weekly meetings

Three Reasons I Am Sad That Taking Back Sunday: Live At Bamboozle '09 Is Audio Only:
1) Mic swinging.
2) Climbing scaffolding.
3) Matt Fazzi is scorching hot - IDK if this is a thing you were aware of. No stop looking at Matt Rubano. I said Matt Fazzi. He's the dude on the left. Who plays the guitar. No, not bass. That's just bass. Fazzi.

The Only Reason I Am Glad That Taking Back Sunday: Live At Bamboozle '09 Is Audio Only:
1) The more filming there is, the higher the potential that Lanie and I would actually BE ON IT. We were on the barricade at this particular show and probably only lucked out that we weren't in the live video for "New Again" by virtue of a) it being pretty dark by this point and b) us being tucked in a corner.

Also, thanks Demi Lovato for pretty much clearing that crowd after your set and allowing us free reign to get to the barricade. I love you just for that. Also you're super pretty in person.

I digress.

So, Taking Back Sunday, Live At Bamboozle '09. It was raining. It was cold. Adam Lazzara thinks that he is an old-school (possibly Southern Baptist - I know these things, they were my brethren before I was old enough to be agnostic/athiest) preacher. Some of the banter is still there! (Actually, most of the banter may be in there - Bamboozle was a long time ago, then we saw No Doubt and drove back to D.C. from Jersey all in the same night THEN got up and went to work the next day. Yeah. Suck on that.)

No, Taking Back Sunday aren't as good live as they are on the album. Believe it or not - most bands are like this. Just be glad that Lazzara isn't doing his weird "HEY! PUBERTY!" thing that he was doing the last time I saw them live (and doing it on purpose, no less), all right? I mean, it's not that bad, and I've definitely heard live recordings of bands that aren't even this good, but it's. It's Taking Back Sunday. If you're going to see them to get what the album sounds like, then, I don't know.

Maybe you're doing it wrong.

Anyway, it's not a full set, and the bit where Lazzara threw part of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" into the breakdown of one of the songs (I think it may have been "You're So Last Summer," but don't hold me to that - I've seen him do that three times and I still can't remember what song he did it during, just that he used to throw the Killers' "When You Were Young" into "Divine Intervention" - which there's video of on my youtube account - I'm digressing again) is gone entirely. I'm sure that's something to do with rights, so whatever. It's not that great. It just is what it is.

Anyway, if you don't like Taking Back Sunday, this won't be the album that converts you. If you like them, you'll probably enjoy it. It's nothing new, but it's fun!

Highlights: "Seaboard," talking about how much it was raining and cold, and "cursing." I think Taking Back Sunday have a swear-jar or something. It's weird.

Lowlights: "Carpathia" sounds like crap. I'm sorry, it just does. Also, short festival set = no "Everything Must Go." Boo. :(

- Julieann

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