Wednesday, July 08, 2009

First Listen: Paramore’s new single, “Ignorance.”

The first thing I wanted to know when I found out they had a new single coming out was whether or not it would be in the vein of Riot! or the song “Decode” from the Twilight soundtrack. I liked it right up until the point that the word “rapture” entered into the lyrics, and my inner atheist recoiled in disgust. Oh why, Paramore, why? It also had the same “guitar solo” that every other Paramore song ever has had, so that’s also a downfall. Regardless, it’s probably going to get major airplay, because it sounds very radio-friendly. And I’m probably going to get really sick of it. It’s not as good as anything on Riot! was. Better luck next time, Hayley & Co. – JulieAnn

Having grown to love Paramore as a pleasure I can't even make myself feel guilty about, I was kind of nervous that their new single would take an even more pop-y approach than Riot and then I would be forced to resent liking them so much. Luckily, this song caught me right in the beginning. The build of the intro reminded me a bit of Incubus' "Megalomaniac" and a bit of the first verse made me think of No Doubt, whose influence isn't all that surprising. I wasn't as offended by the "rapture" as Julie was, but I didn't like the use of it. It didn't fit the meaning I thought they were going for. Not too long after that, it all went downhill as the song got more and more repetitive. It's ok to end the song after two and a half minutes if that's all you've got! I promise! Oh well. It's still a decent song and it'll be a couple weeks of incessant airplay before I get sick of it. – Lanie

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